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CIS 68 Using the Internet

Assignment 3


Part A

Read Chapter 4 - Communicating Online (pgs 172 234)

Complete True/False and Multiple Choice (pgs 237-238)


Part B

Briefly define each of the following terms:

a.     User ID

b.     Host Name

c.     E-mail Client

d.     Mail server

e.     SMTP

f.        POP mail server

g.     IMAP mail server

h.      HTTP mail server

i.         Courtesy copy

j.         Blind courtesy copy

k.      Attachment

l.         Signature

m.    Netiquette

n.      Address book

o.     Group mailing list


Part C

a)     Access your Yahoo account created in class

b)     Form an e-mail group with your classmates (group must be 3 -4 persons)

c)     Add each of the other students in your group to your address book with an individual entry for each student.

d)     Create a mailing list in your address book that includes each of the other students in your group.

e)     Create a signature file. This must be done before you send your emails in step g.

f)       Print your Address book showing your individual address and your group listing.

g)     Compose a separate email to each member in your group. Make sure you save a copy of each sent mail into your sent mail folder.

h)     Send a reply message to the message you receive from each of your group members.

i)        Send a message using the group distribution list (mailing list).

j)        Send an email to your instructor ( using the subject EMAIL PROJECT.

k)      Print the screen that shows your sent mail folder after all of your emails are sent

l)        Print the screen that shows your inbox folder for the emails you received.




Part D

Staple this page to the top of your printed work.


Turn in: