Week 2    
Lab 4 - Skeletal System  
Define & identify on skeleton  
Learn pelvic / pectoral serial homologies  
Pectoral Limb: Side, Identify, Learn Articulations
Scapula   Clavicle
Supraspinous Fossa   Sternal End
Infraspinous Fossa   Acromial End
Acromion   Superior Aspect
Spine   Inferior Aspect
Coracoid Process    
Glenoid Fossa  
Subscapular Fossa  
Superior Border  
Lateral Border  
Medial Border  
Superior Angle   Radius
Inferior Angle    
Lateral Angle   Head
Superior Notch   Neck
Neck   Radial Tuberosity
  Interosseous Crest
  Styloid Process
Olecranon Process  
Trochlear Notch  
Coronoid Process  
Radial Notch  
Styloid Process  
  Bones of the Hand (identify only)
    Carpals (8)
Greater Tubercle   Trapezium
Lesser Tubercle   Trapezoid
Head   Capitate
Intertubercular Groove   Hamate
Deltoid Tuberosity   Scaphoid
Lateral Epicondyle   Lunate
Medial Epicondyle   Triquetral
Capitulum   Pisiform
Trochlea   Metacarpals (5)
Olecranon Fossa   Phalanges (14)
Coronoid Fossa   Proximal, Intermediate, and Distal
Pelvic Limb: Side, Identify, Learn Articulations
Os Coxa   Fibula
Ilium   Head
Greater Sciatic Notch   Interosseous Border
Iliac Crest   Lateral Malleolus
Ramus of Ischium   Tibia
Ischial Tuberosity    
Lesser Sciatic Notch   Intercondylar Eminence
Acetabulum   Medial Condyle
Pubis   Lateral Condyle
Superior Ramus   Tibial Tuberosity
Inferior Ramus   Anterior Crest
Pubic Crest   Interosseous Crest
Pubic Symphyseal Surface   Medial Malleolus
Obturator Foramen   Fibular Notch
  Bones of the Foot (identify only)
Femur & Patella    
    Tarsals (7)
Patella   Medial Cuneiform
Head   Lateral Cuneiform
Greater Trochanter   Intermediate Cuneiform
Lesser Trochanter   Cuboid
Linea Aspera   Navicular
Lateral Epicondyle   Talus
Medial Epicondyle   Calcaneus
Intercondylar Fossa   Metatarsals (5)
Medial Condyle   Phalanges (14)
Lateral Condyle   Proximal, Intermediate & Distal